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Adams Chi looks at photos of his parents. Chi and others who lost loved ones to outbreaks in Taiwan are angry that their government did not prepare enough. © AP 0

[Taiwan] Coronavirus: families seeking compensation say Taiwan deaths could have been avoided

– 12 families seek an apology and US$2.1 million, saying the government was underprepared, despite a year and a half of pandemic experience elsewhere

– Because of the island’s previous success, many doctors did not have any experience in treating Covid-19 patients, says medical professor

Medical workers treat Covid-19 patient Zhang Lifa, father of Zhang Hai, on January 30 at a hospital in Wuhan. Zhang Hai has emerged as a vocal advocate and spokesman for families of virus victims. © AFP/Zhang Hai 0

[Chine] ‘I can never be happy again’: grieving Wuhan families say China is blocking coronavirus lawsuits

– Relatives of people who died from Covid-19 claim cases have been abruptly rejected and some have faced pressure from the authorities not to file

– They accuse the Wuhan and Hubei governments of concealing the outbreak when it first emerged, not alerting the public and bungling the response

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