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Hong Kong public health experts have suggested that ongoing social-distancing measures may be more effective in quelling the city’s third wave of Covid-19 infections than difficult citywide testing. Photo: Edmond So 0

[Hong Kong] Hong Kong third wave: universal Covid-19 testing tougher than it sounds, say health experts, who urge targeted screenings, continued social distancing

– While mainland help has raised testing capacity significantly, a full multi-day lockdown would be required in order to test all city residents effectively

– ‘If you don’t have a good plan for testing, then a lot of the tests will waste resources,’ pandemic adviser says

capture d'écran du reportage "What started Hong Kong's third Covid-19 wave?". © SCMP 0

[Hong Kong] What started Hong Kong’s third Covid-19 wave?

For months, Hong Kong was seen as an example of how a community could successfully contain Covid-19. The city was quick to isolate and trace infections and implemented measures to keep the public safe, moves which kept the number of cases relatively low. But after three weeks of zero local infections, Covid-19 cases in the city started to soar and Hong Kong entered its “third wave.” So what happened to change things so suddenly?

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