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How Southeast Asia is Coping with COVID-19?

Southeast Asia was hit earliest by the COVID-19 pandemic outside China, but the virus appeared controlled until mid-March. How is COVID-19 impacting Southeast Asia? How vulnerable are the region’s 625 million people? How threatened are its public healthcare systems? This webinar discussion will explore the threat to and responses of four states – Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines—and consider the role of regional and international organizations in combating the pandemic in Southeast Asia.


COVID-19 and Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula

The Stimson Center’s East Asia Program organized a private virtual dialogue among experts from the U.S., Europe, China, and South Korea on developments on the Korean peninsula and the impact of COVID-19 on peace and security. The diverse perspectives contributed by the experts culminated in four key takeaways. These takeaways have direct implications for the current state of denuclearization and the effects of globally disruptive events on the future of the Korean Peninsula.

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