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China’s Red Cross Weighs in to Change Narrative on China’s Mishandling of COVD-19

This Background Brief assesses the role of China’s coronavirus diplomacy in general and the China Red Cross in particular as a response to foreign criticism of China’s initial lack of transparency and mishandling of the coronavirus when it broke out in Wuhan city. Chinese propagandists stressed that China was the first country to contain COVID-19 and had ‘brought precious time for the world’.


China’s ‘Coronavirus Diplomacy’ – an Assessment

This Background Brief considers six issues: after containing the coronavirus can China convince the world to accept its leadership? What enabled China to change the coronavirus narrative? What are the world’s perceptions of U.S. and Chinese leadership? Has the U.S. lost is position in the South China Sea? How will the coronavirus impact on Vietnam’s relations with China and the United States? How has China’s credibility been affected by its donation of substandard medical equipment?


Is China Using COVID-19 Pandemic to Advance Interests in the South China Sea

This Background Brief considers seven issues: why did China Coast Guard ram and sink Vietnamese fishing boat, relationship between COVID-19 and South China Sea disputes, will China act when others are distracted, are China’s actions aimed at domestic public opinion, boat sinking and telephone conference between government leaders, USS Theodore Roosevelt and COVID-19, and US response.


Vietnam’s ASEAN Chairmanship and the Coronavirus – Annus Horribilis

This Background Brief considers the impact of COVID-19 on Vietnam’s role as ASEAN Chair in light of the likely postponement of a number of ASEAN-affiliated meetings to deal with regional development of Southeast Asia’s river systems and the 36th ASEAN Summit. Should Vietnam’s term as ASEAN Chair be extended into 2021?


Coronavirus : Implications for Vietnam and Global Order

This Background Brief considers seven issues: Vietnam’s government response to COVID-19, were some measures an over-reaction, public support for the government’s measures, significance of public support now and in the future, economic recovery and the pandemic, lessons from Vietnam’s response, and global order post-coronavirus.


Vietnam’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

This Background Brief addresses five issues: response by Vietnamese to government efforts to halt spread of coronavirus, how Vietnam managed public sentiment, the nature of the government’s information campaign, the impact on the legitimacy of the government, and how foreigners reporting on coronavirus in Vietnam.

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