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[Asie] En Asie, ces vies sauvées par le confinement

Chute des accidents de la route, de la criminalité, des suicides et de la pollution, le confinement imposé pour endiguer le coronavirus a sauvé des milliers de vie en Asie, d’après les experts. Mais cette tendance pourrait rapidement s’inverser avec la levée des restrictions.


[Thaïlande] First Thai-made coronavirus test kits delivered

The first coronavirus test kits made in Thailand are on their way to laboratories around the country after being delivered to Government House on Thursday (April 16). Developed by Siam Bioscience and the Department of Medical Science, the RT-PCR virus test kits meet World Health Organisation standards and will go straight into battle against the nationwide pandemic.


[Thaïlande] Kingdom has enough resources to beat crisis: Thai Bankers Association

The Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA) estimates the Covid-19 crisis may cost the Thai economy more than Bt1.3 trillion, but says government measures will mitigate the recession. The association believes that the government’s measures are timely, comprehensive and effective in cushioning the impact of the contagion crisis.


[Thaïlande] Thailand’s health industries are improving care to safeguard the human foundations of the economy

The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of robust health systems and medical supply chains in responding to crises. At the same time, the drastic effects it is likely to have on the global economy show how investment in health care and medical technology is vital to protecting the human resources that power businesses.

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