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Des visiteurs prennent part à une exposition mettant en scène la gestion de l'épidémie de Covid-19 à Wuhan (Chine), dans l'un des anciens hôpitaux de fortune construits pendant la crise sanitaire, le 15 janvier 2021. © NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP 0

[Chine] Covid-19 : un an après, malgré un retour “à peu près à la normale”, les habitants de Wuhan restent marqués par l’épidémie

En janvier 2020, l’épicentre de l’épidémie de Covid-19 se coupait du reste du monde. Un an plus tard, il n’y a plus de couvre-feu ou de confinement à Wuhan. Mais les habitants sont loin d’avoir tourné la page, comme plusieurs l’ont expliqué à franceinfo.

capture d'écran du reportage "Covid-19 : A Wuhan father's outbreak diary". © SCMP 0

[Chine] Family in China who survived Wuhan’s coronavirus outbreak demands the truth over government’s slow actions

– Three generations of Cheng Pan’s family were caught up in the coronavirus in Wuhan, with his newborn child separated from his wife straight after he was born

– Now their biggest wish – apart from their safety – is the truth be told over the government’s actions, to avoid similar mistakes being made in future

Le 25 janvier 2020, des habitants de Wuhan font la queue pour des examens médicaux © Hector Retamal - AFP 0

[Chine] Un hiver à Wuhan

C’est le titre du livre d’Alexandre Labruffe, attaché culturel à Wuhan qui raconte sa vie en Chine, dans l’oeil du cyclone épidémique. Un récit “halluciné” et presque dystopique, dans une ville cernée par les drones, la surveillance et le virus.

Medical workers treat Covid-19 patient Zhang Lifa, father of Zhang Hai, on January 30 at a hospital in Wuhan. Zhang Hai has emerged as a vocal advocate and spokesman for families of virus victims. © AFP/Zhang Hai 0

[Chine] ‘I can never be happy again’: grieving Wuhan families say China is blocking coronavirus lawsuits

– Relatives of people who died from Covid-19 claim cases have been abruptly rejected and some have faced pressure from the authorities not to file

– They accuse the Wuhan and Hubei governments of concealing the outbreak when it first emerged, not alerting the public and bungling the response

During the lockdown, the Chinese government never trusted people to set the terms of their own behavior, but it depended heavily on their willingness to work hard for various organizations that fought the coronavirus. © Zhang Kechun for The New Yorker 0

[Chine] How China Controlled the Coronavirus : Teaching and learning in Sichuan during the pandemic

Afew days before my return to classroom teaching at Sichuan University, I was biking across a deserted stretch of campus when I encountered a robot. The blocky machine stood about chest-high, on four wheels, not quite as long as a golf cart. In front was a T-shaped device that appeared to be some kind of sensor. The robot rolled past me, its electric motor humming. I turned around and tailed the thing at a distance of fifteen feet.

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