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Hong Kong may have to pay a long-term price for its handling of Covid-19, according to a Chinese expert. © Felix Wong 0

[Chine] Coronavirus in China: Hong Kong may pay higher price than mainland cities in long term, expert says

– City’s strategy has been ‘to keep the pandemic at a low level rather than trying to achieve zero cases’, Zhang Wenhong, head of Shanghai’s Covid-19 clinical expert team, says

– But the approach of cities like Beijing and Urumqi ‘can help local life to return to normal within three to four weeks’, he says

Pékin est dans "une course contre la monstre" contre le virus, a déclaré le porte-parole de la marie, Xu Hejian, qualifiant la situation d"extrêmement grave". © Chna Daily / Reuters. 0

[Chine / Japon] Coronavirus : face à la seconde vague, Pékin et Tokyo orchestrent des stratégies totalement différentes

Depuis la fin de la semaine dernière, les capitales de deux plus grandes puissances d’Asie recensent, de nouveau, près d’une cinquantaine de nouvelles contaminations par jour. En Chine, le pouvoir communiste y répond par une mobilisation totale et autoritaire. Sûr de sa stratégie, le Japon, lui, ne change rien à son effort de réouverture et de relance de la vie économique.


[Japon] Japan’s Halfhearted Coronavirus Measures Are Working Anyway

In its battle with the coronavirus, Japan appears to be doing everything wrong. It has tested just 0.185 percent of its population, its social distancing has been halfhearted, and a majority of Japanese are critical of the government’s response. Yet with among the lowest death rates in the world, a medical system that has avoided an overloading crisis, and a declining number of cases, everything seems to be going weirdly right.


COVID-19 in South Asia’s power politics

The management of COVID-19 reveals which countries are taking the lead in geopolitics in South Asia. On March 12, 2020, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries a strategy to deal with the Coronavirus challenge through a video conference. It was a move that surpised many regional commentators and analysts.


Is China Using COVID-19 Pandemic to Advance Interests in the South China Sea

This Background Brief considers seven issues: why did China Coast Guard ram and sink Vietnamese fishing boat, relationship between COVID-19 and South China Sea disputes, will China act when others are distracted, are China’s actions aimed at domestic public opinion, boat sinking and telephone conference between government leaders, USS Theodore Roosevelt and COVID-19, and US response.

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