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[Japon] Japan’s COVID vaccine sprint becomes marathon ahead of Olympics

From India to Thailand, nations seek homegrown shots as global death toll mounts

OSAKA — Japan’s first clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine is underway inside Osaka University Hospital. Some of the small-scale results, along with those from another university, are expected within the next month or so and will determine whether a larger trial can be held in November involving 500 people.


[Japon] Women bear brunt of Japan’s pandemic job losses

Hotel, food service and retail sectors cut back as people stay home
TOKYO — Massive job cuts caused by the coronavirus pandemic are concentrated on sectors that tend to employ many women, a trend that highlights a lopsided economic impact both at home and abroad.


[Japon] Japan considers offering free COVID-19 vaccines to all residents

Cost of program to be borne fully by central government

TOKYO — The Japanese government is considering offering free coronavirus vaccines nationwide to all residents who want it, Nikkei has learned. Those at high risk of developing severe symptoms, notably the elderly and health care workers, will receive first priority for vaccination, which will later be expanded to others. The full cost of immunization will be paid for from the national budget to ensure smooth mass vaccination.


[Japon] Japan gets ready to lift COVID-19 reentry ban on foreigners

Move comes after criticism that curbs on long-term residents hurt business
TOKYO — Japan has begun preparing to allow long-term foreign residents to return to the country in September, Nikkei has learned, after facing criticism as the only Group of Seven economy to restrict their entry as a measure to prevent coronavirus infection.


[Corée du Sud] Church coronavirus cluster puts South Korea on edge

Defiant religious group under fire after holding large outdoor rally at weekend

SEOUL — As morning broke, groups of men wearing masks and talking on walkie talkies stood guard along the narrow streets leading to the Sarang Jeil Church, the focal point of a new coronavirus outbreak in South Korea.


[Japon] Japan to shoulder COVID vaccine liability risks

Government to compensate for side effects, in bid to secure stable supply

TOKYO — Japan’s government plans to cover compensation for any health problems that may arise here from coronavirus vaccines, seeking to ensure a stable supply from foreign manufacturers as global competition intensifies, Nikkei has learned.


[Japon] Japan eases reentry ban as stranded foreign residents weigh future

Japan on Wednesday began reopening its borders to tens of thousands of foreign residents locked out since April, as the government attempted to keep the coronavirus at bay. But after four months in limbo, some residents who have lived in Japan for years are questioning the wisdom of returning.


[Japon] Japan’s Go To Travel plan spurs fears of ‘man-made’ COVID disaster

NIKKO, Japan — Masaki Hirano, a hotelier in Japan’s historic city of Nikko, is facing a wave of cancellations from guests in Tokyo. Due to begin on Wednesday, a government plan offering 1.3 trillion yen ($12.6 billion) of travel subsidies aimed at helping coronavirus-battered local economies was scaled down last week. A surge of infections in Tokyo — cases hit a daily high of nearly 300 on Friday — prompted the government to exclude residents of the capital and those traveling there from using the initiative.

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