Étiqueté : Mainichi shimbun


[Japon] ‘Forced quarantine’ at Japan’s border: a returnee’s experience coming home

Japan’s border controls to head off the coronavirus spread have been labelled « too lax » by some online. In this first in a three-part series, a Mainichi Shimbun reporter describes his experience returning to Japan in March with his wife and 2-year-old son from Switzerland, a country designated as one where new virus strains are reportedly spreading.


[Japon] Experts in Japan warn against views of virus having weakened amid pandemic

TOKYO — As the recent ratio of COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms has dropped compared to the first wave of infections between March and May, some media and internet users have suggested that the virus is weakening. But experts in Japan say that there is scant evidence of this, and are warning people not to let their guard down.

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