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[Japon] Japan to shoulder COVID vaccine liability risks

Government to compensate for side effects, in bid to secure stable supply

TOKYO — Japan’s government plans to cover compensation for any health problems that may arise here from coronavirus vaccines, seeking to ensure a stable supply from foreign manufacturers as global competition intensifies, Nikkei has learned.


[Japon] Drug Avigan that was pushed by Abe falls short in COVID-19 trials

The lack of results have raised doubts about its approval by the end of this month

Avigan, a candidate drug for treating COVID-19, has not shown apparent efficacy in treating the respiratory disease in clinical trials so far, raising doubts about its approval by the end of this month as sought by the government, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.


[Thaïlande] First Thai-made coronavirus test kits delivered

The first coronavirus test kits made in Thailand are on their way to laboratories around the country after being delivered to Government House on Thursday (April 16). Developed by Siam Bioscience and the Department of Medical Science, the RT-PCR virus test kits meet World Health Organisation standards and will go straight into battle against the nationwide pandemic.

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