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[Japon] Le Japon rouvrira ses frontières au tourisme de masse à la mi-octobre

Fermé aux voyageurs d’agrément depuis deux ans et demi, le pays va de nouveau accepter les touristes individuels étrangers à compter du 11 octobre. Il va supprimer les quotas, qui limitaient les arrivées, et rétablir les exemptions de visa qu’il offrait avant la pandémie aux ressortissants de dizaines de nations, dont la France.


[Japon] Bodies stacking up at mortuaries as COVID-19 deaths surge

In mid-August, a cold storage facility in a mortuary at a funeral home in Tokyo area was filled with nine bodies, the maximum capacity. All the boards with the names of the deceased had the word “COVID,” as they were confirmed to have been infected with the novel coronavirus.


[Japon] Japan looks to waive airport COVID tests for vaccinated travelers

Government to secure testing capacity after entry cap is lifted to 20,000 per day
The plans under consideration include exempting those who have received a third dose of a coronavirus vaccine or tested negative in pre-departure testing. The infection rate in the country of origin will also be taken into account. Currently, all travelers arriving in Japan must undergo COVID-19 tests.

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