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[Japon / Corée du Sud] Touchés par la troisième vague d’infections, Tokyo et Séoul doivent revoir leurs politiques

Le Japon vient d’annoncer une suspension de son grand programme de soutien au tourisme. La Corée du Sud va durcir, à partir de mardi soir, les règles de distanciation sociale dans sa capitale. L’hiver pousse la population dans des espaces clos et denses où le virus se transmet beaucoup plus rapidement.

Figure 1. The growing budget deficit of local governments in China © Cybergeo / Natacha Aveline-Dubach 0

Covid-19 in China: the pandemic exacerbates the speculative mechanism in residential real estate

One of the striking effects of the Covid 19 pandemic has been the dramatic increase in the disconnection between finance and the real economy in the United States and Europe. In China there is a similarly growing disjuncture between house prices and economic fundamentals. Both cases show a process of asset inflation driven by a frenzy of investment in a context of deflationary pressure. But the comparison ends there, because the dynamics of real estate investment in China respond to the logic of a sui generis[1] capitalist regime that has placed the extraction of land value at the heart of its economic model.

© EAF Policy Debates 0

Was South Korea’s Response to COVID-19 a Success?

Strengthening social and economic distancing measures in response to rising COVID-19 cases will hurt the economy, whereas allowing normal economic activity could lead to a further spread of the virus. Given that situation, South Korea faces a prisoner’s dilemma of damaging both public health and economic health. Therefore, the role of businesses in the response to COVID-19 should be emphasized, alongside encouraging the public to accept social and economic distancing measures. South Korea’s current response is active intervention, where the goal is to diagnose cases in the early stages, contact trace, isolate those exposed or infected and treat cases. However, should the COVID-19 pandemic turn out to be prolonged, economic activities should be resumed, requiring South Korea to seek herd immunity and focus on protecting high-risk groups.

Une usine en Chine dans la province de Guizhou, le 16 octobre 2020. © Luo Dafu / Costfoto/Sipa USA/SIP 0

[Chine] China GDP: economy grew by 4.9 per cent in third quarter of 2020

– China’s growth picks up from 3.2 per cent in the second quarter and a contraction of 6.8 per cent in the first quarter of 2020

– Industrial production and retail sales grew by 6.9 per cent and 3.3 per cent respectively from a year earlier as investment turned positive for the first time this year


[Japon] Virus wrecks once-in-a-lifetime job chance for Japan’s new grads

The nation’s college graduates get one shot at their dream job. That’s it. And this year, they might not even get that.

Now, with companies cutting back on hiring plans for 2021, soon-to-be college graduates worry they’re missing their chance. There are 122,000 fewer openings anticipated this year compared to last, bringing the jobs-per-applicant ratio to its lowest since 2014.

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