Étiqueté : foyer de contamination

Authorities in Qingdao conducted mass testing for Covid-19 in response to a cluster of new infections in the city. © AP 0

[Chine] Coronavirus: living samples found on frozen food packaging in east China’s Qingdao, CDC says

– Port city has been the focus of an investigation by the CDC since the country’s first locally transmitted infections for 55 days were identified there last month

– Despite findings, academic says ‘we already knew it was a theoretical possibility that infection could spread through contaminated objects, and this study does not change that’


[Corée du Sud] Church coronavirus cluster puts South Korea on edge

Defiant religious group under fire after holding large outdoor rally at weekend

SEOUL — As morning broke, groups of men wearing masks and talking on walkie talkies stood guard along the narrow streets leading to the Sarang Jeil Church, the focal point of a new coronavirus outbreak in South Korea.

© Xinhua/Peng Ziyang 0

[Chine] Réouverture du marché de gros de Xinfadi à Beijing face au recul de l’épidémie de COVID-19

BEIJING, 15 août (Xinhua) — Une flotte de camions chargés de fruits et légumes frais a annoncé samedi matin la réouverture de Xinfadi, un grand marché de gros de fruits, légumes et viande, après que ses activités ont été suspendues en raison d’un foyer de COVID-19 apparu sur le marché il y a environ deux mois.

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