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[Japon] A costly waiting game for inbound foreign workers

Businesses say current border restrictions are affecting their bottom lines
Fukuoka – Canadian Ken Boisjoly-Moreau and his girlfriend traveled to Japan four times over the course of two years, “fell in love” with the country and started studying Japanese. The pieces were falling into place to fulfill their goal of living in Japan when Boisjoly-Moreau was offered a job at a multinational company’s Japanese subsidiary. It was a win for his employer as well, as people with his specialty in cybersecurity are hard to find in Japan, and the company had been looking for someone to fill the position for over a year and a half.


[Japon] Japan’s entry policies increase alienation and deepen division

Preventing foreign residents from returning to Japan risks fueling prejudices and shattering trust in government

An American woman faces a choice: stay with her family in Japan or return to her home country indefinitely to be with her father after the sudden death of her mother. A Sri Lankan man and new father is forced to navigate the coronavirus pandemic without a job after being denied re-entry following a trip to his home country to care for his newborn baby.


[Japon] Japan gets ready to lift COVID-19 reentry ban on foreigners

Move comes after criticism that curbs on long-term residents hurt business
TOKYO — Japan has begun preparing to allow long-term foreign residents to return to the country in September, Nikkei has learned, after facing criticism as the only Group of Seven economy to restrict their entry as a measure to prevent coronavirus infection.


[Japon] Japan eases reentry ban as stranded foreign residents weigh future

Japan on Wednesday began reopening its borders to tens of thousands of foreign residents locked out since April, as the government attempted to keep the coronavirus at bay. But after four months in limbo, some residents who have lived in Japan for years are questioning the wisdom of returning.

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