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[Myanmar] Myanmar’s health leaders stand against military rule

Responding to the military coup of Feb 1, 2021, the citizens of Myanmar are on the airwaves, the web, and the streets peacefully protesting their outrage and unreserved rejection of this unlawful and anti-democratic act. Emergency Medicine (EM) doctors have led the resistance through a Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), minimising work in government hospitals under military rule. The CDM has spread throughout the health workforce, resulting in closure of public hospitals as well as medical and nursing universities. Clinical services have drastically diminished, leading to a health system suddenly in crisis.


[Myanmar] Pandemic upends family life for Yangon’s emergency health workers

Facing high infection risk, many have moved to temporary dwellings to keep loved ones safe.

Many have left their homes to stay in government-provided apartments, and haven’t seen their partners, children and parents for weeks for fear of giving them the virus.

Emergency staff have little choice but to show up to work without knowing who might be carrying the invisible virus, but knowing their work puts them at an exceptionally high risk of infection.

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