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Covid-19 : une étude chinoise souligne l’ampleur de la charge virale à la phase précoce de l’infection par le variant Delta

Une vaste étude décrit la première chaîne de transmission du variant Delta du SARS-CoV-2 en Chine. Celle-ci date du 21 mai 2021. Au total, 167 infections ont été détectées à Guangzhou (province de Guangdong) puis rattachées au cas index à partir de données épidémiologiques ou génétiques. Les chercheurs chinois révèlent que les charges virales associées aux infections par le variant Delta étaient environ mille fois supérieures à celles observées avec les souches virales (19A, 19B) qui circulaient lors de l’épidémie initiale de 2020.

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Strengthening public health at the community-level in China

An unprecedented pandemic, COVID-19 is currently hitting the world. After the initial outbreak in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, COVID-19 is under control in China, with a few small waves caused by imported cases, of which have been stopped in China in 2–4 weeks, with between several cases and hundreds of cases per wave. We have seen clear peak–valley intervals with these small waves. It is crucial to understand why and how China has reached such success because it might help other countries. For COVID-19, we believe that active case finding at the community-level has been the key for China’s achievement. Since the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), health-care reform in China has been focused squarely on community-level capacity building, which compares with countries where community surveillance systems are not ideal.

Authorities in Qingdao conducted mass testing for Covid-19 in response to a cluster of new infections in the city. © AP 0

[Chine] Coronavirus: living samples found on frozen food packaging in east China’s Qingdao, CDC says

– Port city has been the focus of an investigation by the CDC since the country’s first locally transmitted infections for 55 days were identified there last month

– Despite findings, academic says ‘we already knew it was a theoretical possibility that infection could spread through contaminated objects, and this study does not change that’

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