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[Philippines] Philippines Says Covid Vaccine Orders Enough to Hit 2021 Goal

The Philippines, which has the second-worst outbreak in Southeast Asia, is expecting difficulties in procuring shots in the first half, vaccine czar Carlito Galvez earlier said. The nation aims to inoculate up to 70 million adults this year under a vaccination program that underpins its efforts to recover from a record economic contraction last year.


[Japon] Virus wrecks once-in-a-lifetime job chance for Japan’s new grads

The nation’s college graduates get one shot at their dream job. That’s it. And this year, they might not even get that.

Now, with companies cutting back on hiring plans for 2021, soon-to-be college graduates worry they’re missing their chance. There are 122,000 fewer openings anticipated this year compared to last, bringing the jobs-per-applicant ratio to its lowest since 2014.


[Japon] Experts shoot down Osaka governor’s claim that gargling helps beat virus

Experts cast doubt over claims by officials in the city of Osaka that a gargling medicine could help treat coronavirus patients, even as shelves across Japan were stripped clean of popular brands. There’s not enough evidence to support Gov. Hirofumi Yoshimura’s claim that gargling with diluted povidone-iodine could prevent mild coronavirus patients from falling seriously ill, Toshio Nakagawa, chairman of the Japan Medical Association, told reporters Wednesday. The World Health Organization Center for Health Development also added to skepticism.


[Japon] Tokyo urges stay-home long weekend as coronavirus cases top 10,000

Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike told residents to avoid unnecessary trips outdoors as much as possible during a forthcoming four-day weekend as the total number of coronavirus cases in the city topped 10,000. “I want residents to avoid going out as much as possible,” Koike said at a meeting of a panel of experts advising the city. “If you are going outside, take the utmost precautions to avoid infection.” Koike said Japan’s capital reported 238 cases on Wednesday, ahead of a holiday that starts Thursday.


[Japon] Tokyo deaths up by 1,000 in April from year earlier as virus peaked

The hardest-hit city in the country, Tokyo saw 10,107 deaths from all causes in the month, according to data released Thursday by the Metropolitan Government. That’s almost 12 percent higher than the average of the previous four years for which data are available, and 7 percent higher than the same month in 2019.

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