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[Japon] What Olympic ‘bubble’? Entry loopholes result in contact between athletes, fans

NARITA, Chiba — As foreign Olympic delegations arrive in Japan one after another ahead of the games’ opening on July 23, a “bubble system” to separate them from outside parties to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is showing its own limits, with some athletes coming close to general travelers at an airport and fans asking for autographs from delegates.


[Japon] ‘Forced quarantine’ at Japan’s border: a returnee’s experience coming home

Japan’s border controls to head off the coronavirus spread have been labelled “too lax” by some online. In this first in a three-part series, a Mainichi Shimbun reporter describes his experience returning to Japan in March with his wife and 2-year-old son from Switzerland, a country designated as one where new virus strains are reportedly spreading.


[Japon] Narita opens Japan’s first coronavirus test site for departures

Japan’s largest airport opened a novel coronavirus testing facility Monday as it takes steps to reopen international travel that has been largely grounded for months by the pandemic. The Narita International Airport PCR Center is aimed at outbound travelers who need proof that they are virus-free when they arrive at their destinations.

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