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[Japon] A costly waiting game for inbound foreign workers

Businesses say current border restrictions are affecting their bottom lines
Fukuoka – Canadian Ken Boisjoly-Moreau and his girlfriend traveled to Japan four times over the course of two years, “fell in love” with the country and started studying Japanese. The pieces were falling into place to fulfill their goal of living in Japan when Boisjoly-Moreau was offered a job at a multinational company’s Japanese subsidiary. It was a win for his employer as well, as people with his specialty in cybersecurity are hard to find in Japan, and the company had been looking for someone to fill the position for over a year and a half.

Des élèves qui retournent en classe sont accueillis le 27 août par un enseignant de l'école primaire de Fuzimiao, à Nanjing, dans la province du Jiangsu (est de la Chine). © Shao Dan / China Daily 0

[Chine] Reprise de l’enseignement en classe en Chine

Le ministère chinois de l’Éducation a demandé à toutes les écoles du pays de rétablir complètement l’enseignement normal en classe pour la rentrée d’automne avec des mesures efficaces de contrôle de la pandémie en place, ont déclaré le 27 août des responsables du ministère.


[Japon] Japan to secure COVID-19 vaccines by 1st half of 2021: Abe

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Friday Japan will aim to secure COVID-19 vaccinations for all citizens by the first half of 2021. Abe announced at a government meeting a set of measures against the novel coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 respiratory illness, including increasing the country’s virus testing capacity ahead of the flu season.


[Japon] Japan’s entry policies increase alienation and deepen division

Preventing foreign residents from returning to Japan risks fueling prejudices and shattering trust in government

An American woman faces a choice: stay with her family in Japan or return to her home country indefinitely to be with her father after the sudden death of her mother. A Sri Lankan man and new father is forced to navigate the coronavirus pandemic without a job after being denied re-entry following a trip to his home country to care for his newborn baby.

capture d’écran du reportage « Coronavirus : la Chine enfin sortie d'affaire ? ». © France Télévisions / France 2 0

[Chine] Coronavirus : la Chine enfin sortie d’affaire ?

En Chine, les autorités avaient pris la décision de fermer Wuhan, une ville de 11 millions d’habitants, pour lutter contre la propagation du Covid-19. La Chine est-elle désormais sortie d’affaire avec cette épidémie ?

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