[Chine] How China’s Covid-19 travel restrictions gave a big boost to online services during Lunar New Year

Auteur : Iris Deng, journaliste du South China Morning Post à Hong Kong

Production : South China Morning Post, quotidien de langue anglaise publié à Hong Kong depuis 1903. Sa diffusion s’élève à 104 000 exemplaires. Il est publié par le groupe SCMP, propriété de du groupe Alibaba depuis 2015.

Diffusion : site du journal South China Morning Post

Date et Heure : 24 février 2021, 05:00

– Mobile internet traffic during the Lunar New Year holiday week grew 23.4 per cent year on year, according to data from MIIT

– Food was an increasingly popular gift ordered online, according to the country’s top on-demand food delivery services Meituan and Alibaba’s Ele.me

Source : Iris Deng, “How China’s Covid-19 travel restrictions gave a big boost to online services during Lunar New Year”, South China Morning Post, 24/02/2021. URL : https://www.scmp.com/tech/tech-trends/article/3122803/how-chinas-covid-19-travel-restrictions-gave-big-boost-online (consulté le 24/02/2021).

Voir également :

Cheryl Heng, “China’s Lunar New Year box office revenues soar by a third to record US$1.21 billion as cinemas fill up amid travel restrictions”, South China Morning Post, 23/02/2021. URL : https://www.scmp.com/business/money/spending/article/3122812/chinas-lunar-new-year-box-office-revenues-soar-third-record (consulté le 24/01/2021).

Photo “à la une” : Li Hongqiang, 32, a delivery man for SF Express in Hefei, decided to stay put with his wife and son for the Lunar New Year holiday, heeding the state’s call to curb the spread of Covid-19 with reduced travel. © Xinhua

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