[Thaïlande] Thailand announces plans for human trials after developing its second COVID-19 vaccine

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Date et Heure : 23 février 2021, 02:34 AM

Following the production of its second domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine, Thailand is all set to commence its human trials from as early as April this year.

The vaccine which was developed by Chulalongkorn University showed promising results in prior trials with mice and monkeys. The University’s Centre of Excellence in Vaccine Research and Development is utilizing new mRNA technology and its clinical testing on transgenic mice showed that the vaccine was able to prevent clinical symptoms and viremia after two shots. The university is looking to enroll 72 participants in the first phase of the human trials and subsequently increase the number to 300-600 participants in the second phase. The university has also begun research on a second-generation vaccine that will help grant additional protection to its citizens against the UK and South African variants of the COVID-19 virus.

Source : Roy Chiang, « Thailand announces plans for human trials after developing its second COVID-19 vaccine », Healthcare IT News, 23/02/2021. URL : https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/asia-pacific/thailand-announces-plans-human-trials-after-developing-its-second-covid-19-vaccine (consulté le 23/02/2021).

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