One Hundred Days of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Prevention and Control in China

Auteurs : Lei Zhou, Zunyou Wu, Zhongjie Li, Yanping Zhang, Jennifer M McGoogan, Qun Li, Xiaoping Dong, Ruiqi Ren, Luzhao Feng, Xiaopeng Qi, Jingjing Xi, Ying Cui, Wenjie Tan, Guoqing Shi, Guizhen Wu, Wenbo Xu, Xiaoqi Wang, Jiaqi Ma, Xuemei Su, Zijian Feng, George F Gao, China COVID-19 Task Force

Production : Clinical Infectious Diseases, une revue médicale à comité de lecture publiée par Oxford University Press couvrant la recherche sur la pathogenèse, l’investigation clinique, la microbiologie médicale, le diagnostic, les mécanismes immunitaires et le traitement des maladies causées par des agents infectieux.

Diffusion : sur le site d’Oxford Academic Journal (

Date : 5 juin 2020

The epidemic of novel coronavirus disease was first reported in China in late December 2019 and was brought under control after some 2 months in China. However, it has become a global pandemic, and the number of cases and deaths continues to increase outside of China. We describe the emergence of the pandemic, detail the first 100 days of China’s response as a phase 1 containment strategy followed by phase 2 containment, and briefly highlight areas of focus for the future. Specific, simple, and pragmatic strategies used in China for risk assessment, prioritization, and deployment of resources are described. Details of implementation, at different risk levels, of the traditional public health interventions are shared. Involvement of society in mounting a whole country response and challenges experienced with logistics and supply chains are described. Finally, the methods China is employing to cautiously restart social life and economic activity are outlined.

Source : Lei Zhou, Zunyou Wu, Zhongjie Li [et al.], “One Hundred Days of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Prevention and Control in China”, Clinical Infectious Diseases, ciaa725, 05/06/2020. DOI : (consulté le 15/12/2020).

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