[Japon] The bureaucratic wall that hampers entry to Japan

Auteur : Rochelle Kopp. Contributing writer of The Japan Times. Rochelle Kopp teaches at Kitakyushu University and consults with both Japanese firms operating globally and foreign firms operating in Japan.

Production : The Japan Times

Diffusion : site de The Japan Times

Date : 26 octobre 2020

Specific rules on PCR tests and written pledges present challenges to those who aren’t Japanese

Fukuoka – When Anne-Sophie Mpacko recently learned that Japan’s borders had started opening, she was excited to begin her studies at Keio University, where she had been accepted as a doctoral student in clinical psychology. Her plans to start studies on campus in the spring were derailed when the novel coronavirus began to spread around the globe. In the meantime, she has been in France, waiting to make the trip. Due to the long drawn-out uncertainty, “this has been the most stressful experience of my life,” she says.

Source : Rochelle Kopp, « The bureaucratic wall that hampers entry to Japan », The Japan Times, 26/10/2020. URL : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2020/10/26/issues/bureaucratic-wall-entry-japan/ (consulté le 26/10/2020)

Photo « à la une » : The goal: An airline employee walks past the quarantine counter at Narita airport. However, it’s difficult for non-Japanese entering the country to even make it this far as they first have to clear many hurdles in their home countries. © REUTERS

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