[Japon] Japan’s COVID vaccine sprint becomes marathon ahead of Olympics

Auteur : Mitsuru Obe, Nikkei staff writers

Production : Nikkei

Diffusion : site de Nikkei Asia

Date : 13 octobre 2020

From India to Thailand, nations seek homegrown shots as global death toll mounts

OSAKA — Japan’s first clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine is underway inside Osaka University Hospital. Some of the small-scale results, along with those from another university, are expected within the next month or so and will determine whether a larger trial can be held in November involving 500 people.

Source : Mitsuru Obe, « Japan’s COVID vaccine sprint becomes marathon ahead of Olympics », Nikkei Asia, 13/10/2020. URL : https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Asia-Insight/Japan-s-COVID-vaccine-sprint-becomes-marathon-ahead-of-Olympics (consulté le 13/10/2020)

Photo « à la une » : The global race for a coronavirus vaccine is on, but efforts in Asian countries are largely trailing those in the U.S. and Europe. © Nikkei montage

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