[Japon] Virus wrecks once-in-a-lifetime job chance for Japan’s new grads

Auteur : Kazunori Takada and Shiho Takezawa

Production : Bloomberg

Diffusion : site de The Japan Times

Date : 18 septembre 2020

The nation’s college graduates get one shot at their dream job. That’s it. And this year, they might not even get that.

Now, with companies cutting back on hiring plans for 2021, soon-to-be college graduates worry they’re missing their chance. There are 122,000 fewer openings anticipated this year compared to last, bringing the jobs-per-applicant ratio to its lowest since 2014.

Source : Kazunori Takada and Shiho Takezawa, « Virus wrecks once-in-a-lifetime job chance for Japan’s new grads », The Japan Times, 18/09/2020. URL : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/09/18/business/coronavirus-jobs-japan-new-graduates/ (consulté le 18/09/2020)

Photo « à la une » : A JAL employee at Haneda Airport’s check-in area in April. Japan Airlines Co. is one of the companies that have canceled plans to hire 2021 graduates as the airline industry is hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. © BLOOMBERG

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