[Japon] Japan’s entry policies increase alienation and deepen division

Auteur : Magdalena Osumi. Staff writer de The Japan Times.

Production : The Japan Times

Diffusion : site de The Japan Times

Date : 27 août 2020

Preventing foreign residents from returning to Japan risks fueling prejudices and shattering trust in government

An American woman faces a choice: stay with her family in Japan or return to her home country indefinitely to be with her father after the sudden death of her mother. A Sri Lankan man and new father is forced to navigate the coronavirus pandemic without a job after being denied re-entry following a trip to his home country to care for his newborn baby. An Indian mother worries about the risks a missed vaccine shot may pose for her child after they weren’t permitted to return to Japan ahead of a scheduled appointment.

Source : Magdalena Osumi, « Japan’s entry policies increase alienation and deepen division », The Japan Times, 27/08/2020. URL : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/08/27/national/social-issues/japan-entry-policies-coronavirus/#.X0ecuzU6_y0 (consulté le 27/08/2020)

A lire aussi:

Magdalena Osumi, « All Japan’s foreign residents can travel in and out from September », The Japan Times, 28/08/2020. URL : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/08/28/national/social-issues/japan-stranded-foreign-residents-free/#.X0jnM4s69PY (consulté le 28/08/2020)

Magdalena Osumi, « As Japan partially lifts re-entry ban on foreign residents, concerns grow over strict procedures », The Japan Times, 31/08/2020. URL : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/08/31/national/social-issues/japan-reentry-ban-foreign-residents-procedures/ (consulté le 31/08/2020)

Photo « à la une » : While the signs at the airport look friendly enough, non-Japanese residents are finding it difficult, in some cases impossible, to return to their homes in Japan. © BLOOMBERG

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