[Japon] Japan eases reentry ban as stranded foreign residents weigh future

Auteur : Francesca Regalado, Nikkei staff writer

Production : Nikkei

Diffusion : site de Nikkei Asian Review

Date : 5 août 2020

Businesses and educators fear long COVID lockout will lead to talent losses.

Japan on Wednesday began reopening its borders to tens of thousands of foreign residents locked out since April, as the government attempted to keep the coronavirus at bay. But after four months in limbo, some residents who have lived in Japan for years are questioning the wisdom of returning.

Source : Francesca Regalado, « Japan eases reentry ban as stranded foreign residents weigh future », Nikkei Asian Review, 05/08/2020. URL : https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/Japan-eases-reentry-ban-as-stranded-foreign-residents-weigh-future (consulté le 06/08/2020)

Photo « à la une » : Closed immigration checkpoints at Narita Airport, near Tokyo, in April: Japan is the only Group of Seven country that blocked permanent residents from reentering.  © Getty Images

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