[Myanmar] The COVID-19 Situation in Myanmar Prisons: Many Grave Risks and a New Opportunity?

Auteurs : Aung Lin Oo and Tomas Max Martin.

  • Aung Lin Oo holds an LL.B from Dagon University (2013), and a Diploma in International law (2015) and in Business law from Yangon University (2016). He has been working as a research assistant and lawyer in Justice for All Law Firm on a research project analysing the legacy of detention in Myanmar, supported by the DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture.ecipient of an Australia Award Scholarship for a Master of Development Studies degree at Murdoch University, Australia. He is currently a freelance researcher and journalist working in Myanmar with an interest in good governance, freedom of expression, conflict and the peace process
  • Tomas Max Martin is a trained anthropologist with a PhD in Development Studies (2013) specialized in prison sociology and the anthropology of the state with a focus on the localization of human rights and reform processes and the appropriation of new technologies and penal architectures. Martin is currently a senior researcher at DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture working on the research project Legacies of Detention in Myanmar. This project is supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Production : Tea Circle. Tea Circle was established in November 2015 as a forum for new and emerging perspectives on Burma/Myanmar during its current period of political and economic transition. It highlights analysis, research, opinions, book reviews, multi-media presentations and other types of submissions from a global audience of contributors. Tea Circle is run by a group of dedicated volunteer editors and is particularly focused on creating opportunities for contributors from Myanmar.

Diffusion : site du forum Tea Circle.

Date : 16 juillet 2020.

Aung Lin Oo and Tomas Max Martin show how the pandemic reveals perennial problems of prison governance but also strengthens rationales for reform.

[…] This brief article takes a critical look at the unfolding history of the COVID-19 response in Myanmar’s prisons. We do this on the basis of ongoing ethnographic research about legacies of detention in Myanmar. Our basic point is two-fold: Firstly, the particular and significant vulnerability of prisoners, staff and relatives in Myanmar prisons during this COVID-19 crisis must be addressed according to national guidelines and international standards. Secondly, the authorities should grab this opportunity to respond transparently and strategically to the COVID-19 challenges based on facts and in dialogue with key stakeholders and partners. In other words, this crisis should not go to waste as it holds potential to identify and to begin to earnestly address key structural challenges in Myanmar prison governance.

Source : Aung Lin Oo and Tomas Max Martin, « The COVID-19 Situation in Myanmar Prisons: Many Grave Risks and a New Opportunity? », Tea Circle, 16/07/2020. URL : https://teacircleoxford.com/2020/07/16/the-covid-19-situation-in-myanmar-prisons-many-grave-risks-and-a-new-opportunity/ (consulté le 30/07/2020).

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