[Myanmar] COVID-19 and Food Security in Chin State: A Chance to Reform the Status Quo

Auteurs : Thang Deih Tuang and Jeff Williamson.

  • Thang Deih Tuang is a recipient of an Australia Award Scholarship for a Master of Development Studies degree at Murdoch University, Australia. He is currently a freelance researcher and journalist working in Myanmar with an interest in good governance, freedom of expression, conflict and the peace process
  • Jeff Williamson is a researcher and communication professional working in Southeast Asia with an interest in natural resource governance, conflict and peace processes.

Production : Tea Circle. Tea Circle was established in November 2015 as a forum for new and emerging perspectives on Burma/Myanmar during its current period of political and economic transition. It highlights analysis, research, opinions, book reviews, multi-media presentations and other types of submissions from a global audience of contributors. Tea Circle is run by a group of dedicated volunteer editors and is particularly focused on creating opportunities for contributors from Myanmar.

Diffusion : site du forum Tea Circle.

Date : 20 juillet 2020.

Thang Deih Tuang and Jeff Williamson highlight ongoing food insecurity in Chin state and a chance for reform during COVID-19.

[…] The long-term health impacts of poor malnutrition and food insecurity are now starkly apparent in Chin State with the onset of COVID-19. Not only are communities more vulnerable to the impact of the disease, but the disease itself is adversely affecting food security and furthering malnutrition by limiting access to markets. Together, these issues – malnutrition, COVID-19 and weak food security—have a vicious, cyclical effect on one another.

Source : Thang Deih Tuang and Jeff Williamson, “COVID-19 and Food Security in Chin State: A Chance to Reform the Status Quo”, Tea Circle, 20/07/2020. URL : https://teacircleoxford.com/2020/07/20/covid-19-and-food-security-in-chin-state-a-chance-to-reform-the-status-quo/#more-4736 (consulté le 30/07/2020).

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