[Japon] Re-entry ban causes foreign firms and talent to question long-term plans in Japan

Auteur : Rochelle Kopp. Contributing writer de The Japan Times. Rochelle Kopp teaches at Kitakyushu University and consults with both Japanese firms operating globally and foreign firms operating in Japan.

Production : The Japan Times

Diffusion : site de The Japan Times

Date : 17 juillet 2020

Current immigration policy reinforces sense of being second-class citizens

It’s a call that anyone living overseas dreads receiving: Someone in your family is sick or injured, and you need to go home as soon as possible. You have permanent residency in Japan. You pay your taxes, you speak the language, you have married a Japanese national. Despite all that, if you leave the country you are at risk of not being allowed back in.

Source : Rochelle Kopp, « Re-entry ban causes foreign firms and talent to question long-term plans in Japan », The Japan Times, 17/07/2020. URL : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2020/07/17/issues/re-entry-ban-businesses-talent/#page (consulté le 17/07/2020)

Photo « à la une » : Closed doors: Some foreign residents have experienced difficulty getting in and out of Japan and that has caused worry among those in the international business community. © GETTY IMAGES, Person filling Visa application form to enter Japan.

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