How Real Are Numbers? – Making Sense of National COVID-19 Statistics

Web-Forum organisé conjointement par la DIJ (German Institute for Japanese Studies) et la MFJ (Maison franco-japonaise)

Date : Jeudi 18 juin 2020
16h00 – 17h30 (Tokyo)
09h00 – 10h30 (Hambourg/Paris)
08h00 – 09h30 (Londres)

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The number of infections, reproduction numbers, doubling speeds, death rates: national pandemic statistics are updated, compared and discussed daily. The numbers are shocking, but so are the huge national differences. Why are there so few people infected in Japan? Why is the death rate in Germany so low? Why is the situation in France so bad? For sure, countries apply different testing and reporting methods. Simple comparisons are likely to be misleading. Nevertheless, these numbers are relevant as they influence important policy decisions. In our Web-Forum we ask leading experts in the field from France, Germany and Japan to explain to us the apparent differences in national data related to the COVID-19 pandemic and what the numbers can really tell us about the situations in the three countries.


  • Ansgar Lohse, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • Paul-André Rosental, Sciences Po Paris
  • Kenji Shibuya, King’s College London


  • Sophie Buhnik, Senior Researcher IFRJ-MFJ
  • Barbara Holthus, Deputy Director DIJ

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