Dating first cases of COVID-19

Auteurs : David L. Roberts, Jeremy S. Rossman, Ivan Jarić

Production : PLOS Pathogens est une revue scientifique à comité de lecture.

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Date : Received: September 23, 2020; Accepted: May 6, 2021; Published: June 24, 2021

Questions persist as to the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence is building that its origin as a zoonotic spillover occurred prior to the officially accepted timing of early December, 2019. Here we provide novel methods to date the origin of COVID-19 cases. We show that six countries had exceptionally early cases, unlikely to represent part of their main case series. The model suggests a likely timing of the first case of COVID-19 in China as November 17 (95% CI October 4). Origination dates are discussed for the first five countries outside China and each continent. Results infer that SARS-CoV-2 emerged in China in early October to mid-November, and by January, had spread globally. This suggests an earlier and more rapid timeline of spread. Our study provides new approaches for estimating dates of the arrival of infectious diseases based on small samples that can be applied to many epidemiological situations.

Source : David L. Roberts, Jeremy S. Rossman, Ivan Jarić, “Dating first cases of COVID-19”, PLOS Pathogens, 24/06/2021. DOI : (consulté le 25/06/2021).

Photo “à la une” : Fig 1. Histogram of intervals between estimated origin dates and first cases (Origin) and between upper bounds of 95% confidence intervals and first cases (95% CI). © DR

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