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[Japon] Can Japan bridge the vaccine divide?

As winter approaches and colder weather makes it even more difficult to adhere to social distancing measures, the odds of COVID-19 spreading still further seem to be inevitable. Still, despite having the highest infection rate in the world, there is growing optimism in the United States, thanks to the prospect of effective vaccines being developed in the not-too-distant future.


[Japon] Narita opens Japan’s first coronavirus test site for departures

Japan’s largest airport opened a novel coronavirus testing facility Monday as it takes steps to reopen international travel that has been largely grounded for months by the pandemic. The Narita International Airport PCR Center is aimed at outbound travelers who need proof that they are virus-free when they arrive at their destinations.


[Japon] Japan’s coronavirus cases top 100,000

Japan’s cumulative coronavirus cases topped 100,000 on Thursday, including about 30,000 cases in Tokyo.

The nationwide figure topped 90,000 on Oct. 11, meaning that about 10,000 new cases were confirmed in just less than three weeks.

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